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Jack Latvala grew up in Bartow, Florida. Jack's parents were hard-working, patriotic Americans who instilled in their son a strong work ethic, a respect for his elders and our institutions, and a tenacious desire to fight for what is right.

As a young man, Jack worked hard and grew to understand the value of a dollar. The lessons learned in Bartow working for minimum wage unloading boxcars of frozen 2x4's at Bartow's airport or making sno-cones at Spee-Dee Grocery have never left Jack. As he grew up and attended Florida's Stetson University, Jack became passionate about politics as he sought to make a difference in our state and nation. His blue-collar roots fit in well with Florida's young but growing Republican Party, where hard work allowed him to distinguish himself early as a leader in a political movement to grow the GOP in the South.

Jack was Florida's first statewide College Republican Chairman where he worked with Lee Atwater to elect Karl Rove as national Chairman. Jack went on to manage Jim Sebesta's statewide campaign for Secretary of State in 1974 and work for the Republican Party of Florida. He then became Executive Director of Jack Eckerd's Republican Legislative Campaign Committee working to elect Republican state legislators back when Democrats vastly outnumbered Republicans in Florida.

As a businessman, Jack Latvala created one of America's most prominent and successful political direct mail companies. Jack has been a small business owner his entire adult life, launching several companies, employing hundreds of people and enhancing many successful careers along the way. As a business owner, Jack knows the challenges too much government can bring to businesses and has always fought for limited, responsible, effective and efficient government.

Jack has been a resident of Pinellas County since 1979 and lives in Clearwater. He and his wife Connie have four adult children, Stephanie, Chris, Nicole, and Keri. Son Chris is a member of the Florida House of Representatives. Jack is the proud grandfather of two growing teenagers, Blake and Sydni Courson. When not with family and friends in his downtime, Jack enjoys baseball, fishing and reading.

Jack Latvala is running for Governor to end the bitter in-fighting and partisan gridlock that has paralyzed Washington for years and is becoming more prevalent in Florida. As he did in business, he does in public service: Jack Latvala brings people together to find solutions to problems facing our communities and our state. Jack Latvala makes government work.

As Governor, Jack will lead Florida so that our schools will become the envy of the nation, enhance our transportation system so our economy will grow and our citizens prosper, protect our vulnerable populations along with Florida's natural beauty so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy the same Florida we all love.


Issues And Policy

Issues Matter! No candidate for Governor has more business experience than Jack Latvala.
Jack knows how to make government work. As Governor, Jack will make government work better!

We look forward to sharing many bold policy proposals with you in the months ahead. Check back often for updates and read about Jack's policy ideas to make government work!

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Jack Latvala Means Business! Jack Latvala has started and run several businesses in his lifetime and employed hundreds of Floridians through the years.

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