Proven Record of Principled and Effective Leadership

Jack Latvala served in the Florida Senate as a principled and effective leader between 1994 and 2002. His devotion to issues of importance to the people of Florida earned him the high distinction of being designated as Majority Leader of the Senate, and a reputation as a tough and unwavering warrior on behalf of his causes and constituents.

 Jack has an extensive record of success working on these issues:

  • Creating a strong and resilient economy by reducing the burden of taxes on Florida’s business and families, improving Florida’s business climate to promote economic development, and reforming Florida’s welfare system. »MORE

  • Protecting citizens and businesses by cracking down on violent crimes and criminals. »MORE

  • Helping Florida’s consumers by enacting tough consumer protection laws and lowering the costs for healthcare and prescription drugs. »MORE

  • Championing efforts to protect Florida’s ecological treasures and safeguard the state’s environmental future. »MORE

  • Supporting excellence in education by meeting the needs of our school children. Sufficiently funding Florida’s public school system, enforcing accountability in education, and providing opportunities and resources to children and families who need additional support to succeed. »MORE